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It was 105 outside today and it is supposed to be 108 sometime this week. Fuuuuuuck.

After I came back from the movies with my dad for Father's Day, I took the coldest shower ever and did absolutely nothing other than drink ice water. I was fighting the urge to nap until Ed coaxed me to cuddle with him in bed. He likes to hold and stroke my left hand while I'm getting ready to fall asleep (he occupies the same side of the bed every time), and I often think that it is only the muscles twitching from relaxation.

Ed said, "No. It's me."

And I responded, "But I'm not entirely sure--"

He reached over and stroked my other hand, and that shut me up. He laughed.
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This is a story about two young guys clashing over the Internet.

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In which the term "soulbonding" is slightly problematic, especially if you happen to know an alchemist who once bound his brother's soul to a suit of armor.

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In which I was a goofy, pseudo-philosophical kid who didn’t know what the hell she was going, causing her soulbond to go WTF?

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For those of you who have read at least one of my other online journals, you probably are aware that I have written quite a bit of personal history. I'll include those stories here, as well, only I will not censor it as heavily as before, because this is my personal journal, dammit. What I plan on doing is posting entries for each headmate and then later creating a directory for future navigation.

So this is the story of how I "met" Ed.

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