Apr. 1st, 2017

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Since it would be weird to jump in head-first, I’ll give you the rundown of who we are and what I’ll be rambling about in this journal.

As of Spring 2017, there are four soulbonds present:

Edward and Alphonse Elric: FMA 2003; post-Conqueror of Shamballa, with some deviation from the canon. They are currently traveling through some version of pre-WWII Europe, though they often take refuge in England after getting into fights with all sorts of people over in Germany. Ed is great at making friends.

Arthur Kirkland (England) and Alfred Jones (America): Some universe that vaguely resembles Hetalia… unlike the canon, which is basically a crackfic about world history, the SBs’ world has personified nations who exist as beings created by the collective consciousness of human cultural and/or political groups. They exist alongside other supernatural entities such as the fae, deities, ghosts, aliens, etc. They’re essentially immortal so long as their respective cultures survive. Look up personifications such as Ériu (Ireland) to get a better idea.

And then there’s me.

I have a BA in anthropology, which I’m planning to use as inspiration for sci-fi/fantasy novels. My current day job is at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, where I do a combination of hosting seminars on community development, organizing meetings on workplace culture, and performing clerical work that is so tedious that it makes drying paint as thrilling as a Breaking Bad episode. What I would LIKE to do is write full-time and/or go into some form of teaching with some ridesharing on the side.

I’m a crazy pagan and empath, and I’m one of THOSE soulbonders who does believe these people exist in another plane out there, somewhere. I’m totally cool with anyone who has a different theory about soulbonding, however. The two main soulbonds, Edward Elric and Arthur Kirkland, are often involved in my spiritual practice. Both of their younger brothers, Alphonse and Alfred respectively, are both frequent visitors to the headspace, though I don’t do any kind of work with them. They’re mostly here because they’re close to their big bros in some way (even though Alfred will never, ever admit it). As of spring 2017, I have put deity worship on the backburner and have started calling myself an agnostic pagan. I’m pretty sure that God exists; I just don’t know what form He/She wants me to connect with at this point. In the meantime, I’ll focus on personal development, spirit work, creativity, and all that good stuff.

I had about ten soulbonds pop in and out my head for a few years, but since fall 2016, the number of people I talk to regularly has fell down to two. Nothing bad happened; it’s just having so many entities tied to my energy space proved to be exhausting. They are always welcome to visit.

And just to get this out of the way, I’m in a relationship with one of my soulbonds, Ed. How this happened is a long story. I’m attached to this individual Ed only, meaning that I totally support his relationship with Winry or whoever else in other universes and/or SB groups. I’ve always argued that each version of one character is his/her own person, and this Ed has roots in the 2003 FMA anime, where he is not paired off by the end of the story. We’ve known each other for over twelve years, a lot of things have happened, and so now we’re a thing. I generally identify as asexual and have never been interested in love…you could say that soulbonding has sent this aspect of my identity into a giant tailspin. I will most likely talk about it on occasion, so this journal will be partially locked.

Other than that, I’ll probably talk about my daily life with these people in my head, random things that we find fascinating, a lot of system history, and some thoughts about my practice.


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